Friday, December 28, 2012

17 Challenge: Stripes

Hey Everyone,

I don't know what I have been, wait!  Yes I do: Chemistry, Calculus, Biology, Spanish, English, and P.E.  (I include P.E. because that class almost got the best of me this semester).  But I'm not here to complain.  The semester is over which means time for more blog posts!!

I have a lot of posts that have been drafts since the June or July, and this is one of them.

I chose to do yellow background with silver stripes for this 17 Challenge

Colors Used:
Lexington Yellow by NYC
Silver Striper by KISS

And one more picture...

I really am going to post more often. It's almost the new year and I am striving to follow through with my resolution of painting my nails once a week.  Actually I successfully did this in 2011, and was going strong through the first half of 2012 until my senior year started.  But anyway, I have been hunting for nail designs and marking them in my planner, and I always do follow through with things when they are in my planner.

I have about 5 more draft posts so look out for those.  I hope everyone had a very Happy Holidays.  I won't wish you a Happy New Year, though, because I am going to post before then...I promise.