Saturday, March 24, 2012

Nails From Three Weeks Ago!

Okay, so yet again I have discovered another picture in my queue of some nails I did three weeks ago.

These were both fun and annoying to do. I always like the nail designs that require attention to detail, and these do. The only thing is that my white striper was a little thick and I couldn't get the lines as precise as I wanted them. But I think they turned out pretty well.

Oh and another downside, it was pretty late when I decided to paint my nails, so late that I only had time to paint the right hand with the design and leave the left hand with just the background color. But it made for a cool balance and I was too tied to take it off.

I used Finger Paints-Drawn to this Shade and a white striper.

If you do want to try this design, make sure you have a thin liner and enough time to completely finish it.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

NOTW---Ombré Nails

Hey Everyone!

This is my first post with my new blog title: "Nails and Tales,"  And I thought I would start it off with some Ombre Nails of the Week.  I know this trend has been going around for a while.  It took a lot of convincing myself to try this look because I never am one to wear different color nail polish colors on my nails without some type of design.  But I am glad that I tried this because I am absolutely loving it.

The main color I used for this design is China Glaze-Make an Entrance (located on my ring finger) and then added drops of white and black to form the different hues on the rest of the fingers and thumb.  I only used one coat of color in between Seche Vite base and top coats.  

I kept this design on for one week, as I normally do.  But I easily could have worn this look for at least another three or four days because it did not chip at all.  If you all are thinking about trying the ombré look, hurry up fast before this fad runs out.


Hi followers, I am just writing a quick post to let you all know that I am going to be changing the name of this blog and the url.

I have come to the conclusion with all the school, bowling, and volunteer stuff that's been happening, I am not in fact, "A School Girl with Time to Waste."  I also realized that I kind of want to make this blog more about nails, and I don't want people to be mislead by a title.  But don't worry those of you who aren't too interested in nail polish, because I do intend on continuing to write posts just about random events that happen in my life, just to keep it fun and exciting because I do like to read people's posts like that and I enjoy sharing mine.

So just look out in the very near future for a name change and maybe a few changes to the layout of the blog. But don't worry, it's still me behind all the posts =]