About Me

Here's a fun TAG I found:

General Information
 Mrs. Bob Barker (yes)
 February 2
 17 and 5/6
Eye Color: Dark Brown
 Dark Brown, like Black
 Aquarius and loving it!
 Ears, 1
 St. Louis, STL Represent!

 No, won't be any time soon
 and what if no?
 Yes (yay, I can answer this one)

Food:  I have been obsessing over Chipotle lately, but any spicy Mexican food will do
 Domino's any toppings
 Twix, but also Mounds, and Snickers, but taffy candies are cool too...
 Chipotle!!!, Sybergs, Subway
 Red, and also lavender
 Sunny but cloudy, if that makes since
 Christmas, a time to gather with the fam!
 The Office, for one.  Read blog for the tons of other shows I watch.
 The Incredibles!  YES!!!
 The Awakening, had to read it in English last year, but I really enjoyed the strong female main character
 Too many to say, but I do love Ignition (Remix) by R. Kelly.
 15 I've had weird encounters with this number.  Look for a post!
Type of Car or Truck: Volkswagon Beetle, mostly because you can punch people anytime you see one.
 "It's going to be legen....wait for it....dary" ---Barney Stinson, HIMYM
 Sing and dance along to my iPod in my room, none of which are done very well.

 Yes, but of course.
 Of course
 Sometimes, it's kind of soothing late at night.
 No, never have, and hope not to.
 I want to be a dentist.  And yes, I am for real.
 Australia-New Zealand (I have to group them together)
 I don't have one, don't really believe in them.
 Myself, I crack myself up =]

This Or That
 Dogs, cats are too lazy.
 Comedy, I love to laugh.
 Cappuccino, you don't have to add anything in it.
 Day.  It's harder to be lazy during the day, and I like a challenge.

The Last
 My Godmother

 This guy named Malcolm, he wouldn't change the radio station and it really got to me.
 Christina, my bestie.
 Neil Patrick Harris.  I know, he's gay. But he's still legen...wait for it....dary.
 Transformers 3: Dark of the Moon.  That is my movie!
 My brother, I kicked him off my bed.
 Wow, IM?  Facebook is where it's at.

I hope this gave you a little more insight into who I am as a person.  And if not, then read more of my blog, honestly everything I write is me =]