Tuesday, May 28, 2013

SH "Hard as Nails" Review

First up on the "back to posting" playlist: Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Review ($1.19)

I admit to being thrifty (I actually wrote one of my college essays on my thriftiness) but anyway, I let my thriftiness come into play when buying my first full sized white nail polish.  I already owned a mini bottle of OPI Alpine Snow and basically used it up.  So I decided it was time to buy a new one.

I originally thought that the nail polish didn't really need to be that great of a brand because I wouldn't really be wearing it alone...I was wrong.

The application with this Sally Hansen Hard as Nails white nail color (too lazy and annoyed to look up that actual name) was terrible.  I know whites can be streaky on the first coat, but this one was unbearable.  Even on the second coat I could tell that it was still streaky and uneven.  I didn't do third coat...I could already tell that nothing was going to save this nail color.

Here are some photos:

First coat

Second coat
(my thumb was the best looking one)

The intent for this mani was to have a white base for a sunset gradient design.  I did complete the manicure (I do have a post in my draft folder, I"ll post a link to it later) but it looked bad.  Only one nail really came out well.  I'll talk more about that in the actual post.

Final Verdict:  Cheap for a reason!

Note: I will be using this polish for water marbles and anything else that wastes polish.  That's how frustrated I am.

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