Sunday, July 31, 2011

Why I Hate Sports...

...from a high school perspective!  Don't get me wrong, I love high school sports.  I also hate them...and here's why.

For fall sports, training camp starts one week before school starts.  So while the rest of the students are vacationing either at home or out of town, us fall athletes are conditioning.  They try and make it more convenient for the students by having them practice for two hours at 10 in the morning.  It's still hot but the clouds are making it a little more bearable.  But the way I see it, they're only really trying to cut us down even more.  Let's look at this example: 
You're at a water park.  They have the awesome slides and the wave pool, but then also the hot tub.  Going directly into the hot tub is not terrible at all.  There might be the initial hot feeling, but it's almost soothing and relaxing to know that the dead skin frees from your body.  Now picture going from the wave pool where the water is a nice cool refreshing temp to the hot tub.  It is basically like being laughed at by the temperature kings.  It hurts even more. 
This is what starting tennis season off at a cool 75 degree temperature and then shoving us out into 102 degree weather one week later feels like.  It hurts.  Your skin becomes detached from your body (and not just the dead parts).  The sweat drips down your face; not to cool you off, but to try and get out of the hot heat itself.  Your sweat is not use to the heat and neither are you.

Now this will be my third year doing tennis.  I understand that from the looks of this post, it may not seem expected for me to continue with this process of diving into the hot tub straight out of the wave pool, but I really do enjoy playing tennis and supporting all the other sports.  I just also hate it...

Fun Fact: This text color is the EXACT color of my nails featured during my last post, "Nails of the Week! (Coral)" just in case you needed a better visual =]

Nails of the Week! (Coral)

Alright, so I am really excited about this weeks nails.  I hadn't worn this color for a while only because I was trying out some of the newer polishes I had purchased during the spring.  However, when presented with the question of what nail polish to go with this week, I dug this out of the bottom of my nail case and slapped it on my nails (well, precisely painted it).  I purchased this polish at Sally's a little over a year ago, and it still looks awesome.  This polish is Drawn to this Shade by Finger Paints!
Drawn to this Shade
by Finger Paints

I'm not sure why the Finger Paints brand isn't as popular as China Glaze or even Orly because I believe that the nail polish is just as good, if not better than CG.  The brush size is medium, which is nice, but I really like the formula consistency.  To me, CG's nail polishes are a little watery and are very sheer.  But with this nail polish, it wasn't too watery and came out to be opaque in only two coats.

If there was one thing I would complain about this specific nail color, it would be the fact that the color doesn't always appear the same way in different lighting.  I know this is true for most nail polish colors, but especially with corals.  When in the wrong lighting, my nails look bright orange and does not compliment my skin tones at all.  With sunlight in the daytime, the color is a very pretty color. Luckily I was finally able to capture the real color of my nail polish on camera. It took me a few tries, though.

"This Friday Night..."

" it all again."  So, back to iHeartRadio I went for another song of the day =]  Which California Gurl sang this song?  Comment below and get an encouraging thumbs up!

Okay, I went to a camp this summer for three weeks.  It was fun, it was a nerd camp, I learned a lot, whatever.  But we had these dances every Friday night and it was awesome.  I hadn't really gone to many dances (honestly I couldn't bring myself to paying $12 for a homecoming dance that doesn't even have refreshments) but these dances were tons of fun.  So I've figured out something.  Unfortunately I still don't think I will pay to go to a dance...however baby steps will be taken.  I have decided to have a flash dance party every Friday night once school gets started.  I mean, I could potentially be a little stressed with all the activities, but a flash party will be awesome.  And I'll be looking forward to it all throughout the week.  Now I will mention that this party is for "me, myself, and I...pod" (Hahaha, just thought of that).  Still, I think these weekly parties will be fun and awesome.  I have a very low standard when it comes to having fun on weekends, though.

I Will Not Cave In!

The world has not yet accepted the left-handed race!  In fact, the government is out to eliminate it all together.  "How?" or "Why?" As a left-handed person myself, I have encountered many examples over the years.  Most recently this morning at the bank where the pen was attached to the desk on the right side of the teller window.  Let's take a gander at them to prove my point (and the fact that I am really serious about this).

Imagine seeing this Frisbee
at Walmart...
Example #1:  School Desks
Now this is one of the most common tactics the government has deployed into our school systems. See, they try and abolish left-handed writing at the age where humans just learn their abc's.  All the arm rests are right-handed.  They figure the student might just switch their pencil over to their right hand to have more support.  But some people (like myself) are up for the challenge and will not cave in to this nonsense.
Example #2: Sports
So now that the government realizes that some lefties slip through their first barrier, they now have the idea to change them outside of the classroom.  "If we can't change their scholastic behavior, then why not their athletics?" they think to themselves. They hire athletic coaches who teach children sports using their right hands.  And even if they do manage to hire a lefty, most likely accidentally, they too start to assume the athlete is right-handed.  It's happened to me many plenty of times before.

Example #3: Everyone Else (with the exception of a few lefties)
If you still haven't been forced out of being left-handed by paid professionals, the rest of the world might just do it for you.  The public just has it accepted that right handed people are the way it has to be.  "Rights are right!" my family always says (I'm the only lefty in my family). Even my mom blames things on my left hand.  "I would let you stir the noodles, but you and your left hand might mess things up."  People hand you pencils and pens as if their is no possibility that you can be a lefty; and you know what? half the time I fall for it.  
But now that I have found out the governments secret plan...
that's the end of that.  

Friday, July 29, 2011

Top Google Search #1

Another series that I'm going to be starting for this blog is the "Google Search of the Week" (but that's kind of a long name so I figured I shorten it to Top Google Search, which is just as sweet).  I just recently found out that Google keeps history of your past searches that you can look at and they also have the trends to say when you do your most searches and what you've searched the most.  This will be very and Google are like this *crosses fingers*.  When I come across a problem, big or small, that will bother me till the end of time, I go to Google.  So for this weeks post, this was my biggest search:

"drinking milk with spicy foods"
(Understand I do realize the randomness of this search)

I love spicy foods. Hot wings, cheese, any type of food, tacos, and especially hot sauce.  But when it comes to salsa, I might as well take a shower whilst eating as the tears roll down my face.  Now I'm not talking about salsa as in the Spanish translation of any type of sauce.  I am talking about "Casa Mamacita" salsa with chips.  I'm pretty sure it's the raw taste.  I mean with hot wings, you have chicken to go along with it, but salsa is just...salsa.  So anyway, I still love eating chips and salsa even though I regret it afterword.  So I decided to search what I could drink/eat with salsa in order to counteract the spiciness.  Apparently milk goes well with spicy foods, and after what seemed like hours of finding confirmation websites, I will agree.  
So for anyone who loves a good serving of Kung Pao Chicken but can't take the heat...try a glass of milk and waste your time Google searching something more worthwhile.

"Hey, Don't Write Yourself Off Yet..."

"'s only in your head you feel left out or looked down on."  I'm really happy that this song came up on Pandora, which song you ask?  You tell me, comment below!

This is one of those songs that I don't intentionally flip to just to jam out to, but one that might come up during shuffle, or in this case, as a recommendation on Pandora.  It's one of those songs that you can listen to whether you're happy or sad, feeling depressed or joyous.

Now I wouldn't say that I was particularly sad when this song comes on, but it's nice to remember that there's always something better waiting on the other side of this moment.  Before this song came on, I was literally thinking about how I need to hurry up and get ready for school.  There's so many things that I have yet to do, I still need to get my physical for tennis, read my book (and the critique) and prepare myself for a grueling semester of challenging courses for my junior year.  Just before that I was on my Facebook looking at this group of people from around the St. Louis area that attended this camp earlier this summer.  I was a part of the group, but for some reason I didn't feel like I belonged.   People were planning pool parties and karaoke parties before school started and I couldn't go to any of them because I'd be out of town. Until this song came on, I was thinking that these people were doing things with out me...I actually felt "left out." But it's not their fault that I'll be out of town on those days, I can't help that.  At this point, I'm just stuck in the middle *hint hint* of this situation.  So I tell myself now, "Kendra, you are not left out.  Stop trying to create judgments that aren't there."  You know what my problem is?  I get invited to things, and I turn them down.  And then I get upset when I hear about all the fun stories from that activity.  I may have a lot of things to do to prepare for this semester school wise, but my social life is trying to kill me from the inside out.  DO SOMETHING!!!  Say yes to something Kendra, you're eventually going to run out of no's when you need them the most.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

The Rise and Fall of PB&J

The ONLY peanut
butter I eat.
This morning as I was preparing for tennis camp, I put a piece of toast in the microwave oven and reached into the cabinet for a giant sized jar of JIF peanut butter.  As I pulled a butter knife out of the silverware drawer, I thought about how I arrived at putting peanut butter on toast in the morning.  I thought about the fact how I took a peanut butter sandwich to school almost everyday for lunch, but how did that get started?
Let's take a big kangaroo hop back to my life where this all started...

2nd grade: I didn't want anything to do with peanut butter and jelly sandwiches (I did watch PB&J Otter, remember that show?) The idea of them made absolutely zero sense to me.  How do people even come up with that type of sandwich?  Well, one of my classmates who lived down the street came over to my house one day after school.  My mother decided to fix us a snack and he wanted a peanut butter sandwich.  Now my brother and I haven't had a pb&j sandwich before so my mother was really surprised by this.  She went ahead and fixed one for him and asked me if I wanted one.  Of course I said no...but my friend asked if I've ever tried just grape jelly?  I never really had, so I went ahead and tried it...and it was delicious!  That jelly sandwich became a standard lunch item throughout the rest of elementary school.

Beginning of 6th grade: After eating plain grape jelly sandwiches, I figured it was time to "upgrade" to peanut butter AND jelly.  This most likely was the biggest challenge of my life.  I know that sounds really fake, but considering all that happens as a sixth grader, this was basically the climax of the year (and it was only about a month or two in).  I made the switch, and it was delicious.  This sandwich became my staple as I turned into the typical kid with the paper lunch sack and the pb&j sandwich.

Ending of 7th grade: As a seventh grade gets older, the idea that they are now the "head of the school" begins to crowd the mind.  I had the same ideas but also the idea that my staple sandwich was too "kiddy" for me.  I'm the head of the school, and I'm still eating pb&j about just, peanut butter?  And so I just dropped the jelly off my sandwich.  In my mind, eating a sandwich with just sticky peanut butter is a challenge.  There's stickiness, a bunch of raw flavor, and a sense of maturity that comes with the sandwich.  However, I was the only one who thought that much about a sandwich.  Most of my friends just found it odd.  "Did you forget the jelly?" "Oh, did you not have any jelly on hand?"  Can I not just enjoy a peanut butter sandwich?  Okay, so it wasn't that big of a deal.

I still get questions from people when I tell them what I have for lunch or what I have for breakfast even though it's become a popular sandwich type. But compared to rice and sausage, peanut butter toast doesn't sound as unusual...that's a different post, though.

If I Hear This Song Again...

This song may already be past it's prime considering the fact that the song was released last winter.  But if I hear "Grenade" by Bruno Mars one more time, I will be the one throwing the grenade at him...I'd rather not say.  I need to correct the statement concerning my allergies.  Not only am I allergic to raw carrots, but I am also allergic to THIS song.

Now if you read my blog previously, you will notice that last week I posted about his song "Just the Way You Are" and how much I love it.  (Click here to read that one!)  However, the basis on which that song was written is more delicate...or understandable than that of "Grenade."  Bruno (I guess I can call him by his first name) is basically admitting that he will die for this girl that couldn't care less about him. What about that makes any sense?

Okay, I realize that there are some many girls out there who think this is just the sweetest gesture a guy could ever do for a girl---risk his life.  But to me, all I am getting out of this song is that Bruno's relationship with this girl is distorted to the point that he can't even think straight.  I picture this girl taking advantage of his undying love for her by drawing him in just so she can have her own personal superman at her side at times of trouble.  I don't know, maybe this is what Bruno wanted the song to do, well not the "make him look completely oblivious" part, but quite possibly he wanted this song to spark up conversation.  If this is true, it certainly produced conversations, but also pictures!

This is what happens when oxidation and reduction
equations in Chemistry class don't really appeal to sophomores.
Alright, so basically we drew the cartoon layout for the song.  We have Bruno's supposed love interest on  the right with a dog (reference to the show Word World, yes...I watch PBS occasionally).  On the left you can see a murderer/skier/assassin who has just thrown a grenade at said girlfriend.  Now, parachuting in to "save the day" is Bruno Mars, who literally "catches" the grenade.  And the crabs, yes, not only did the murderer/skier/assassin give the lover girl a grenade, but also an STD.  Honestly, crabs are the only thing I can really draw well, so I put them in the picture too!

"No Time For Cameras..."

"...we'll use our eyes instead"  So for today's random music post, (courtesy of Pandora), MATT AND KIM!!! 
I L.O.V.E. love (shout out to Jessie J's song)  Matt and Kim's music.  It's just happy fun tunes that ultimately always put me in a good mood.  I absolutely adore this song, Cameras.  I am the one that hates, HATES taking pictures.  I know people say that you need to keep photographs to remember those precious moments, but like Matt Johnson and Kim Schifino say, "I'll use my eyes instead."  Check out the song that really irrupted their music career.

Anyway...their music is sooo fun.  Every time I play one of their songs, my friends always wonder what I'm listening to (and why).  I always respond with, "Just listen to it and try to not smile."  I'm trying to think of more things I can say about Matt and Kim, but honestly they're just so unique in sound and image that it's hard to put specific words to them.  They're always smiling and are down to earth people who haven't let their fame get to their heads.  Even though they hate being called a "cute" band, they really are because they are just the most adorable couple. Considering the fact that I just saw Neil Patrick Harris (NPH as I commonly refer to him) on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, I am going to have to add that not only are Matt and Kim cute, but they are "legen...wait for it...dary."  You can disagree if you want to, but their music makes me smile, and that's all I really care about.

Take a look at their website for more fun and smiles: =]

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Dumb Moment #1

This sounds like a great post series.  Expect several of these a week...seriously!

So I was watching So You Think You Can Dance and a Wendy's commercial came on. You've probably seen it, this guy writes to Wendy and is like "I'd really like to enjoy a frosty on the beach, but I live in Denver".  Now, with my mind going a million miles per hour all the time, I think to myself, "What, do they not have Wendy's in Denver, Colorado?  And do you really think that the company owners will go all the way down there just to build you one so you can get your precious frosty?"  And then the screen cut to a shot of some workers putting some sand in the middle of the street.  Then my face cuts to a look of complete stupidity.  That rationalizing part of my brain just shut off and was already recharging for tomorrow.  This happens to me during the summer, on weekends, and after 3:00 pm during the week.  I can't waste all my smarts while watching t.v.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Nails of the Week!

For nails this week, I decided to go with another polish with a glossy finish as opposed to an opaque solid color like last week.  (For that post click here!)  This is Chantilly Peach by Orly.  The Orly brand is really good, I have four polishes from them and would not mind getting another.  The brush is the perfect size, not too fat and not too skinny, and the rubber top makes the polish easy to open.  As far as the color of this nail polish goes, I was a little concerned about it because at Sally's, where I bought it, a sheer subtle color wasn't really what I was looking for.  But I thought the color was really pretty and elegant looking so I went ahead and bought it.

It really isn't that sheer.  With one coat you can see the smile line on your
nails, but two coats (which is what I did) the color is really opaque and matches the color in the bottle perfectly.  Unfortunately, I got those ugly tiny bubbles/bumps on my nails either because 1) I shook the bottle too much, you really should roll it in between your palms or
2) the ceiling fan caused the polish to dry while I was still applying the coat.

Either way, this nail polish is really pretty.  It's one of those polishes that you can wear in the summer or the fall that goes with practically any outfit.  It not too stand-out of a color, which in my case is beneficial since I have those ugly bubbles =]

Monday, July 25, 2011

"...Just Take One Step At a Time"

"...there's no need to rush". Yet again I gave away the title of the song. But who, I ask you, is the artist? Comment below and you'll get a prize*

Despite this song being about "steps", my main reason for this post is that I need to finish reading my book for this upcoming semester. So let's make the lyrics "just read one page at a time, you might want to rush." I really didn't have a plan to follow, plans are boring, However, today I did sort of make reading into a rewarding experience. I watch a lot of t.v. and unfortunately I can't always catch my tv shows the day that they air. Like for today, I'm going to the Cardinals game later on tonight and will not be able to watch Secret Life when the new episode airs. Thank goodness for the Internet though. So here's how the game works. Each page I read equals one minute of online tv. So in order for me to watch the Secret Life online tomorrow, I need to read about 43 pages.

I really think this idea is going to work. I ALWAYS watch episodes the DAY AFTER they air if I missed them. In other words, I best be gettin my read on.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Then Again...Maybe I Didn't Fail?

As on a previous post, I mentioned how I failed my "Summer To-Do List."  However, as of yesterday, I didn't completely fail at all of the items.

At first I was thinking that goal #2 was a big fat FAIL!  I hadn't completed a crochet or knit pattern, so it basically was a fail.  Early into the summer I started to knit a scarf.  I got the pattern from Michael's for free (hey now!) and decided to give it a go.  Now knitting a scarf in the middle of summer may seem like a crazy, wild, high on drugs, idea...but at the pace I was going, I might just have made it in time for the last light snow storm.  I would knit here and there, and then stop.  There was a while that I was going on pretty strong, I was knitting while watching episode after episode of How I Met Your Mother and eventually got finished with one skein.  This is when I officially took a break (which I am still taking now).  I don't really know how to join yarn in knitting, so I just...haven't.  As I'm sitting, I'm staring at my unfinished scarf and a new skein of yarn, no where close to being combined into one.  

I was ready to stuff all my yarn, knitting needles, and crochet hooks into my closet to collect dust.  That is until I found a really cute heart crochet pattern online.  It was such I a cute pattern I had to try it.  (Here's the link if you know how to crochet)  So I got out my crochet hook, some purple and white yarn, and went to crocheting.  Purple and White are my school's colors.  I can now officially say that I have completed ONE of my goals on my to-do list for this summer.  Check out the finished project!

Like the feet in the background?

Saturday, July 23, 2011

"Give Me Something to Believe In..."

"...cause I don't believe in you, anymore, anymore"  For the sake of today's topic, I will admit that the song artist is Maroon 5.  But the song title is still up for grabs...anyone?

Maroon 5 was like my obsession with Jessie J this year (check out that post here).  I may have just started obsessing over Jessie J this year, but Maroon 5 took over my life since the end of 5th grade.  What was I doing listening to Adam Levine singing about relationships at the age of 11?  Idk.  But Maroon 5 writes about what's real in life, and that's nice for a change.  All I know is that Adam's voice is amazing both on and off stage.

And since we're talking about Adam and "voices," why not talk about "The Voice" on which Adam was one of the judges/coaches on.  I really didn't watch this show from the get go, but when they got to basically the final four on each team, I began to really get in to it.  Of course I had to support my boy Adam and his team...and I guess it worked since the winner, Javier Colon, had him for a coach.

To sum it all up.  Maroon 5 is legen...wait for it...dary just like Jessie J and "The Voice" definitely had my views all due to Adam Levine, whose voice is pain killers for my ears when I listen to the radio.

Friday, July 22, 2011

"Why Does She Be so Mad at Me For?"

"...Homie, I don't know, she's hot and cold"  I know Kris Allen did a rendition of this song, but who's the original artist?

So back to Pandora for another "Post of the Day"  Originally the song that came on when I first opened Pandora was "Look at Me Now" by Chris Brown ft. Busta Rhymes and Lil' Wayne.  But if you've heard it before, you know what I'm talking about when I say that there aren't too many lines in that song without inappropriate words.  So I waited until the next song, which was this one.

She was going to Germany.
Basically I'm approaching this blog rant by thinking about the people who were all of a sudden mad at me.  There are probably a lot of people who were mad at me at one point in time, but I most likely didn't even realize they were.  I don't have a strong radar for people who are upset with me.  I need to work on it, I was probably annoying them...that's another blog post, though.  But there was a time where my BEST FRIEND was kind of avoiding me earlier this year before school ended. I still don't know the full details as to the reasoning for why she was mad.  All I know is that she was upset that she didn't get invited to this going away party for one of our friends who's studying abroad next year.  See, I was invited because they wanted me to make the cake.  You might be thinking, "'re her best friend, why didn't you invite her?"  But the thing is that she would be out of town the day of the party, so I didn't bother telling her since she wouldn't be able to come.  Apparently people still want to know about parties even if they can't come.

We're back to being close friends now.  In fact, writing this post made me realize that I would rather be invited to a party that I couldn't go to then not know the party existed at all.  Now I feel like I should give her a call and formally apologize...or is it "too late to apologize?"

Why Can't I Pull Through?

I turned 16 in February, I got my permit last year around this time, but still cannot master the skill of driving. Well, the driving part is's the parking.

I went to RacketMan today to try out another racket, and finally decided on one. Of course my mom wanted me to drive. Wait, let me explain to you my mother's thoughts on my driving.
Mother: You need to get your license. I can't drive you everywhere, I don't do anything for me anymore. We go here, and then Saturday mornings we go to bowling. I'm sick of "we".
So now I have to drive everywhere, which isn't even that much because I don't go to a lot of places. My mother still finds random places for me to drive to anyway.  So back to what this post was originally about: Parking. We pulled into the Goodwill parking lot (my mother just can't go to one store when we're out) and I see a perfectly fine parking spot about half way down an aisle, one that I could pull through. But NO!!! My mom doesn't want to walk that far in the hot heat, it was pretty hot, so I pull into a parking spot towards the front. I have no problem pulling into a spot, it's the backing out part that I fail at. 

What seems to be an hour later, my mother is finally ready to go. I get in the car, put on my seat belt (safety first) turn on the engine, and put the car in reverse. Now I'm pretty sure that I looked both ways before pulling out, but this black car started blowing his horn at me. I turn around and I'm about 3 inches from hitting the side of his car. You know when people say "he came out of nowhere"? This guy really did.
And I conclude with this question readers; Why can't I just pull through? Is it really going to hurt anyone?

Thursday, July 21, 2011

"When I See Your Face..."

"...there's not a thing that I would change"  Do you know who I'm quoting?  Comment and you'll get a prize*
Not too much say about this song.  I'm just following up on another one of my "Post of The Day" posts.  I absolutely love this song, and the first thing that comes to my mind is GLEE! (both the emotion and the t.v. show).  I don't know if you all watch Glee; I'm not psychic.  But if you do, you'll know exactly what I'm talking about.  The episode where Finn's mom and Kurt's dad get married was very calming.  People weren't fighting, and if there was a little conflict, it was cured by the musical performance of this song at the wedding reception.  If you missed it, or don't know what I'm talking's the audio:

*prizes include and are limited to a virtual high five along with a thumbs up

"...And It Was All Yellow"

Okay, so I gave the title away.  The artist is still unknown, unless you know, but how would we know if you know unless you COMMENT below (that rhymed)!

Along with the EOS products I purchased last week, I also got some Starbursts Original from Walgreens (on sale of course).  My main problem with the original flavors of Starbursts is that they do not follow the public's opinion.  Out of the four flavors, cherry, orange, lemon, and strawberry, lemon is obviously the least liked flavor.  Normally, the bags are so disproportionate that the lemon count is unbearable.  I have experienced this plenty of times in the past and decided to document this by opening a fresh bag and tallying the amount of Starbursts of each flavor.  I sorted them and gave them was kind of fun.  

Yes.  I really did.
Unfortunately, my great theory that the factory producers put no consideration into the percentage of each flavor placed into each bag does not hold true for this test subject. But, I still found something that could be improved. In my opinion, the likability for the original flavor of Starbursts is as follows: strawberrycherryorange, and lemon at. the. very. end.  As the data shows, lemon takes up 31% (I had to add some math in order to convince myself I was doing something productive).  But 31%, that's almost 2/3 *fraction alert*.  That's really uncalled for, it's the worst flavor in my opinion.  Even my favorite flavor comes in third with 25%.  In a perfect bag of Starbursts, this would be a great percentage, encouraged actually.  But nothing is perfect =[  However, is it too much to ask the people behind Starbursts to slip a few more of the strawberries and lose a couple of the lemons here and there?  

Do you agree?  Which flavor do you like the most?  I won't judge...but I might smirk.

"I Click to MTV..."

" they can teach me how dougie" I know you know the name of this song.  Comment below =]

Alright, so I'm downstairs sitting at the kitchen table waiting for the microwave to go off signaling that my queso dip is ready.  I think to myself "hmm, I think I want to watch t.v. while eating my queso dip" (I actually say this out loud, I talk to myself a lot, I am right now, as I'm writing this blog)

So anyway, I do just like the song says, "I click to MTV" to see what's up.  And what do you know?  It's an episode of True Life that's talking about food allergies.    I then say to myself, "do I really want to watch this, I only have one food allergy, and it's a raw carrot allergy" (scientifically called: oral allergy syndrome (Wikipedia Article) where I'm only allergic to raw carrots).  So anyway, I watch it. And I'm not kidding about this next part, but the guy that they're following is allergic to carrots...and only raw ones!

  can't. breathe. throat. closing.
Ahhh! Much better =]
First of all, why would anyone be interested in watching a documentary about teens with allergies? I have no clue.  But second of all, I can't believe this coincidence.  You know those conversations teachers have right before a class party?

Teacher: Do any of you have food allergies?
Me: I do, I'm allergic to raw carrots.
Teacher: Okay...sure.   And what about cooked carrots? *says in humorous tone*
Me: Oh, those are fine.  I'm only allergic when they are raw.  See there's a substance that cooks out of the carrot when it's being sauteed...*and I continue with the full explanation of my allergy*
Teacher: Alright then.......anyone else?

I'm telling you, don't shut down someone's allergy just because it's absurd...maybe that's why True Life needed an episode about allergies.  Hmm...

"I Need Another Story..."

"...something to get off my chest"  Know the song and artist? Comment!

So as I was wasting time doing nothing, I decided to listen to Pandora (love Pandora, try it out if you haven't already) and this song came on.  These first lyrics from the song, made me think about my failed attempt to read a book FOR FUN.  *mentioned in Summer To Do List...Didn't, item #3.*

In the previous post I talked about how I am reading a mandatory book for my Honors American Literature class for my junior year of high school.  However, I wanted to do some more reading besides assigned.
And I'm not including, blogs, FaceBook, or even magazines <--- probably the issue in the first place

Current status on summer goal: FAILED!!!
I have two, no three "could be excuses" for why I have failed this goal.

  1. I don't know what to read, and whenever I ask one of my friends for a recommendation for a book...they don't have one.
  2. I owe about $10 in fines at my local library so I can't check anything out for fear that my picture is posted underneath a big WANTED! sign.
  3. I don't like to buy books I will most likely only be reading once.
I would say comment if you've read any good books this summer, but honestly, I don't want to set myself up with another goal...which would most likely be FAILED as well.
But if you have a recommendation, go ahead and comment anyway.  Challenges are good, right?

What iz u tryna say?

This summer I have to read The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain.  Let's just say this book is hard to read because of the dialect in which it was written.  Because of this, I have decided to investigate different dialects people use through text.  

Online chat language 101:

U kno wen u got dem ppl who type on da computer da way dey actually type in real life?  i just cant stand understand dem ppl. it dont make no sense whatchu even saying n u causing ppl to stress ova tyrna read ur posts.  I mean, what iz u tyrna say?


and then we have the people that dont use any punctuation at all id take the overly punctual people over these people any day of the week you dont know where to end a sentence you dont know where the sentence starts if its a question or if its an exclamation i already dont like reading a whole bunch of words in a row and your lack of punctuation just makes it difficult to understand i mean what are you trying to say

But Then There Are Those People Who Capitalize Every Single Word In The Sentence?  Where Were You During First Grade When We Learned About Grammar and Sentence Structure?  But I Have Arrived At A Sensible Conclusion, You All Are Just Really Punctual People.  You Know...Those People Who Over Pronounce Every Word and Every Letter of Every Word.  I Mean, At Least We Know What You Are Trying To Say.

Fellow beings, let's get our act together.  They say we need to communicate more, so let's.  But talk in a way so that people can understand what you mean without them feeling like an idiot when it takes them 10 minutes to read one sentence.

Comment if YOU know what I'm trying to say!!!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

"I'm like a firecracker..."

"...I make it hot"  Sound like it's from a song? Comment below!!! =]

So yes, I turn on I Heart Radio and this song pops up.  I guess her stuff is okay, but I kind of glad this song came up.  I only recently found out what a firecracker actually is.  Let's say in the suburban part of St. Louis County, fireworks aren't really permitted (as in they are ILLEGAL).

But, my mom has a friend, we call her Auntie Linda (pronounced Aint-eee, like a ghetto person) and she lives in St. Charles County, where fireworks are...less illegal.  So this 4th of July we bought some fireworks, invaded her house and LIT THEM ON FIRE.  And I can now confirm for myself that Brit---I mean, "this artist", was right in saying that firecrackers are hot.  I'll just stick with the sparklers, they're pretty <3  Enjoy this video of a little girl with a big sparkler!

*Update: I've decided to move from having all posts start with song lyrics, to just having a "Post of the Day" containing song lyrics from a song that I heard earlier that day and rants that relate to the topic*

"Whatcha Know 'Bout Me?" EOS Lip Balm and Shaving Cream Review

If you know what song the above in quotation marks is from, comment below!  By knowing this I also hope you realize that song does not directly relate to my topic, but still, it's close enough.

Website: CLICK HERE!
Last week at Walgreens, they had a GREAT sale on EOS lip balm and shaving cream.  Buy 2 for $2 (after cash register rewards).  But yeah, I bought four lip balms and two shaving creams.  I am sort of obsessed with sales, but I can always take them back.  The flavors I got were Summer Fruit and Honeymelon Honeydew in the lip balms, and Vanilla and Lavender for the shaving creams.

First off, the smells are great, they are not overpowering (a problem I have with Burt's Bees products).  Both the lip balms and the shaving creams are very moisturizing and are long lasting.  However, with the shaving creams...They say you don't need a whole lot, but conscientiously, I feel like I'm more likely to cut myself.  But you can definitely get away with just a little bit and still have long lasting moisture.

Bottom line: Great product for the price I paid.  I don't think I would have purchased this at the regular price ($3.49 for lip balm and $2.29 at Walgreens), it's a little expensive for my taste.  Honestly, I'll probably stay with the products I already have, and if they go on sale again, I don't mind repurchasing them =]

Tell me what you think about the product!!! 

"Hot and Dangerous..."

"...if you're one of us then roll with us"  Know the song?  Comment below!!!

It's hot out!  I may live in St. Louis, but it's getting hot.  Global Warming anyone?  I played tennis earlier today, 8 o' clock to be exact, and it was "burnin' up."  Not only is it hot, but like this artist says, it's getting to be dangerous.  The Weather Channel has issued heat warnings for the past five days, and I do not object.  Buuuuuuut, because of the hot heat, I am inside (still sweating, but not disgustingly I'll have you know) updating my blog.  It's a win/lose situation, but whatever.

Funny quote from my mother regarding the giant-sized Thermos she bought my brother for college:
"Hypothetical situation: Suppose he's at breakfast and he heard about a snowstorm coming tomorrow.  He now has a container to store milk in for cereal the next day.  See, since he didn't keep the snow shoes I bought him, he won't be able to walk to the cafeteria tomorrow.  So now he can just take the milk from the cafeteria."

New Challenge =]

Short post this time.
I've decided to challenge myself to creating posts with titles of song lyrics, poems, and/or quotes.  Hopefully they'll be famous enough to the point where you won't think I just made up something to match my topic.  Added bonus, you all can comment below if you know where the quote is from.  I'll start this challenge next post, since I would have already failed it with this one. Until next post =]

La di Da di Da, MUSIC

Music Post!  Doesn't that make you happy?

Now since I listen to a lot, I mean A LOT, of music, I decided to narrow this down, by clicking on to Pandora and see what pops up.  *please note time has been taken to do such*

And what appeared............

I. Love. Her.  Yes, Jessie J is awesome. In the words of Barney Stinson from How I Met Your Mother "she is legen...wait for it...dary"  I discovered her music earlier this year and I am already hooked on all her songs.  The song that specifically popped up was Price Tag.  I'm sure most of you have heard it, even if you didn't realize you have.  Check out the video below:

Anywho, she's great and her music genre range is gigantic.  How big you ask? Let's click next on Pandora.  And what pops up?  "Remember the Name" by Fort Minor.  Yes, I am serious.  How or why you ask?  Discover Jessie J for yourself and you sure will find out.

Here's another one of my favorite songs (performed live):

she really is talented :)
Biography: Jessie J
Website: Click Here!
Comments are fact encouraged!

TV Show Post

Yay!!! I'm doing something that was on my list, unlike my summer to do list.

Let's talk about TV Shows I watched Monday, shall we?

Show site: CLICK HERE!

Now, I don't watch this show because I believe all the sappy teenage drama stuff, I watch it because I DON'T.  I watch the show, and then laugh at the idioticness of the characters and the stupidity of their parents.  And this isn't even an accurate picture of this show considering how Amy, her mother, and Adrian managed to get pregnant.  This show keeps me laughing though =]

Moving on to Tuesday:

Show site: CLICK HERE!

Now I do watch this show...more seriously then the previous.  It keeps me entertained, and the acting is much better.  Honestly, currently I am less concerned with who "A" is and more with the relationship drama between the four girls and their boyfriends/girlfriends.  (Ezra and Aria better pull it together).  Anyway, this is definitely a show you'll be hearing more about.
If you like the teen drama but also mystery, choose this over Secret Life.

And lastly for this post, and also on Tuesday, Teen Mom:

I just recently got into Teen Mom, I saw the four girls, Farrah, Maci, Amber, and Catelynn on 16 and Pregnant, but hadn't caught up with them on Teen Mom until now.  I watch this purely for taking my mind off my own life.  Even if you don't agree with what these people are doing (most of the time I don't) it's still nice to take a step out of your world.  If not this show, then another.  Either way, it's a nice way to take a breather, at least for me it is.

I'll have more show updates later on this week as my shows continue to air.  I don't only watch teen dramas, but just missed White Collar and Covert Affairs last night. Comment below, I look forward to you all's opinions.


I love nail polish!  Something I should have put on my Summer To-Do list is paint my nails because I have done this every week.  Why?  Let's stretch out our wings and fly back to last December.  New Years Eve actually, I made a resolution, I always do.  But this one I actually followed through with: Paint my nails every week a different color.

At first this was hard to do, I had a good amount of nail polish, but they were all winter colors (colors, lookout for a blog on that too), and when April rolls around, what am I to do?  So I went shopping.  I got a whole bunch of colors and have been painting my nails ever since.

So back to what this post was originally going to be about, I'm going to post a picture of my nails every week so that if you like them, you can get the nail color.  And if not, it's still a good way for me to keep track.  That's another thing about me, I always like to see the positive in situations.  This is not saying that I'm those people that are too happy and annoy everybody like that lady on that episode of Grey's Anatomy who was way too happy and her husband was going crazy about it.

Yes? No? Do you know what I'm talking about?  It doesn't really matter, all I'm trying to say is that I look at the good and bad parts of situations, but then eventually only focus on the good.  This post is starting to turn into a rant, and is causing me to waste time.  Success, I think yes (that rhymed) =]

Here are my nails from last week!
Ulta: Scene Steel-er

And this week:
China Glaze: Make An Entrance
more pinkish in real life
taken by iPod

Stay tuned for more pics next week!

Summer To Do List....Didn't

Like I said, I like to make lists.  However, sometimes I don't always complete all the things on these lists.  Example, this summer I made a list to with the following:

  1. Exercise
  2. Complete a knitting and crochet project
  3. Read books
  4. Make some jewelry
  5. Make a checklist 
*that last one didn't even make since*

So, #1: Exercise:  I was on top of this one...for the first week of summer.  I speed walked on the treadmill for the first five days and burned about 500 calories each day.  I watched the Price is Right (yes, I'm serious about that) and I walked and won prizes (figuratively speaking).  I was on a roll.  Well, the weekend came, and the Price is Right's not on on the weekends, so I didn't exercise. Well that brings me to today....about two months later not having done anything more.  I mean, I played a little tennis here and there, but I haven't truly exercised.  I really am disappointed with myself on this one.  But it's okay, because I still have time before tennis starts.  And if it makes myself feel any better, I am exercising my fingers =]

I'll get back to those other ones, I've just depressed myself and can't even bare to talk about the other ones that I failed to do even more so then this one.  Stay tuned for an update on my "Summer Didn't Do List"

Pilot? Post

First. Post. Ever.  What will I talk about?  How about what this blog plans to talk about.  Let's make a list, I have a thing with lists.

  1. TV Shows- what I watch, what I don't, and why
  2. Music- what's good, what's bad, and why
  3. Shopping- what's hot, what's not, and why
  4. School- not the learning part, the social part
  5. Randomness- things that came to me in a vision earlier that day
If you're reading this, then I suspect you show interest in this blog.  And I give you a virtual high five for that along with a thumbs up.  Stay tuned to my blog, cause it's gonna be off the hizzle.  And yes, I do use ebonics talk occasionally.