Monday, July 25, 2011

"...Just Take One Step At a Time"

"...there's no need to rush". Yet again I gave away the title of the song. But who, I ask you, is the artist? Comment below and you'll get a prize*

Despite this song being about "steps", my main reason for this post is that I need to finish reading my book for this upcoming semester. So let's make the lyrics "just read one page at a time, you might want to rush." I really didn't have a plan to follow, plans are boring, However, today I did sort of make reading into a rewarding experience. I watch a lot of t.v. and unfortunately I can't always catch my tv shows the day that they air. Like for today, I'm going to the Cardinals game later on tonight and will not be able to watch Secret Life when the new episode airs. Thank goodness for the Internet though. So here's how the game works. Each page I read equals one minute of online tv. So in order for me to watch the Secret Life online tomorrow, I need to read about 43 pages.

I really think this idea is going to work. I ALWAYS watch episodes the DAY AFTER they air if I missed them. In other words, I best be gettin my read on.

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