Wednesday, July 20, 2011

"Whatcha Know 'Bout Me?" EOS Lip Balm and Shaving Cream Review

If you know what song the above in quotation marks is from, comment below!  By knowing this I also hope you realize that song does not directly relate to my topic, but still, it's close enough.

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Last week at Walgreens, they had a GREAT sale on EOS lip balm and shaving cream.  Buy 2 for $2 (after cash register rewards).  But yeah, I bought four lip balms and two shaving creams.  I am sort of obsessed with sales, but I can always take them back.  The flavors I got were Summer Fruit and Honeymelon Honeydew in the lip balms, and Vanilla and Lavender for the shaving creams.

First off, the smells are great, they are not overpowering (a problem I have with Burt's Bees products).  Both the lip balms and the shaving creams are very moisturizing and are long lasting.  However, with the shaving creams...They say you don't need a whole lot, but conscientiously, I feel like I'm more likely to cut myself.  But you can definitely get away with just a little bit and still have long lasting moisture.

Bottom line: Great product for the price I paid.  I don't think I would have purchased this at the regular price ($3.49 for lip balm and $2.29 at Walgreens), it's a little expensive for my taste.  Honestly, I'll probably stay with the products I already have, and if they go on sale again, I don't mind repurchasing them =]

Tell me what you think about the product!!! 

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