Wednesday, July 20, 2011

TV Show Post

Yay!!! I'm doing something that was on my list, unlike my summer to do list.

Let's talk about TV Shows I watched Monday, shall we?

Show site: CLICK HERE!

Now, I don't watch this show because I believe all the sappy teenage drama stuff, I watch it because I DON'T.  I watch the show, and then laugh at the idioticness of the characters and the stupidity of their parents.  And this isn't even an accurate picture of this show considering how Amy, her mother, and Adrian managed to get pregnant.  This show keeps me laughing though =]

Moving on to Tuesday:

Show site: CLICK HERE!

Now I do watch this show...more seriously then the previous.  It keeps me entertained, and the acting is much better.  Honestly, currently I am less concerned with who "A" is and more with the relationship drama between the four girls and their boyfriends/girlfriends.  (Ezra and Aria better pull it together).  Anyway, this is definitely a show you'll be hearing more about.
If you like the teen drama but also mystery, choose this over Secret Life.

And lastly for this post, and also on Tuesday, Teen Mom:

I just recently got into Teen Mom, I saw the four girls, Farrah, Maci, Amber, and Catelynn on 16 and Pregnant, but hadn't caught up with them on Teen Mom until now.  I watch this purely for taking my mind off my own life.  Even if you don't agree with what these people are doing (most of the time I don't) it's still nice to take a step out of your world.  If not this show, then another.  Either way, it's a nice way to take a breather, at least for me it is.

I'll have more show updates later on this week as my shows continue to air.  I don't only watch teen dramas, but just missed White Collar and Covert Affairs last night. Comment below, I look forward to you all's opinions.

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