Thursday, July 28, 2011

If I Hear This Song Again...

This song may already be past it's prime considering the fact that the song was released last winter.  But if I hear "Grenade" by Bruno Mars one more time, I will be the one throwing the grenade at him...I'd rather not say.  I need to correct the statement concerning my allergies.  Not only am I allergic to raw carrots, but I am also allergic to THIS song.

Now if you read my blog previously, you will notice that last week I posted about his song "Just the Way You Are" and how much I love it.  (Click here to read that one!)  However, the basis on which that song was written is more delicate...or understandable than that of "Grenade."  Bruno (I guess I can call him by his first name) is basically admitting that he will die for this girl that couldn't care less about him. What about that makes any sense?

Okay, I realize that there are some many girls out there who think this is just the sweetest gesture a guy could ever do for a girl---risk his life.  But to me, all I am getting out of this song is that Bruno's relationship with this girl is distorted to the point that he can't even think straight.  I picture this girl taking advantage of his undying love for her by drawing him in just so she can have her own personal superman at her side at times of trouble.  I don't know, maybe this is what Bruno wanted the song to do, well not the "make him look completely oblivious" part, but quite possibly he wanted this song to spark up conversation.  If this is true, it certainly produced conversations, but also pictures!

This is what happens when oxidation and reduction
equations in Chemistry class don't really appeal to sophomores.
Alright, so basically we drew the cartoon layout for the song.  We have Bruno's supposed love interest on  the right with a dog (reference to the show Word World, yes...I watch PBS occasionally).  On the left you can see a murderer/skier/assassin who has just thrown a grenade at said girlfriend.  Now, parachuting in to "save the day" is Bruno Mars, who literally "catches" the grenade.  And the crabs, yes, not only did the murderer/skier/assassin give the lover girl a grenade, but also an STD.  Honestly, crabs are the only thing I can really draw well, so I put them in the picture too!

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