Sunday, July 31, 2011

Why I Hate Sports...

...from a high school perspective!  Don't get me wrong, I love high school sports.  I also hate them...and here's why.

For fall sports, training camp starts one week before school starts.  So while the rest of the students are vacationing either at home or out of town, us fall athletes are conditioning.  They try and make it more convenient for the students by having them practice for two hours at 10 in the morning.  It's still hot but the clouds are making it a little more bearable.  But the way I see it, they're only really trying to cut us down even more.  Let's look at this example: 
You're at a water park.  They have the awesome slides and the wave pool, but then also the hot tub.  Going directly into the hot tub is not terrible at all.  There might be the initial hot feeling, but it's almost soothing and relaxing to know that the dead skin frees from your body.  Now picture going from the wave pool where the water is a nice cool refreshing temp to the hot tub.  It is basically like being laughed at by the temperature kings.  It hurts even more. 
This is what starting tennis season off at a cool 75 degree temperature and then shoving us out into 102 degree weather one week later feels like.  It hurts.  Your skin becomes detached from your body (and not just the dead parts).  The sweat drips down your face; not to cool you off, but to try and get out of the hot heat itself.  Your sweat is not use to the heat and neither are you.

Now this will be my third year doing tennis.  I understand that from the looks of this post, it may not seem expected for me to continue with this process of diving into the hot tub straight out of the wave pool, but I really do enjoy playing tennis and supporting all the other sports.  I just also hate it...

Fun Fact: This text color is the EXACT color of my nails featured during my last post, "Nails of the Week! (Coral)" just in case you needed a better visual =]


  1. I hate playing sports. I'm terrible at them, and I always end up embarrassing myself in some way or the other ;(
    BUT I love watching sports on tv, and I probably know more about soccer and cricket than all the other girls in my class combined.
    You have a nice blog:) Followed:)

  2. Lol, I'm the same way! Even though I've never played, I think I know everything about women's beach volleyball (I probably don't).
    You always do so much better when you're watching other people play =]


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