Friday, July 22, 2011

Why Can't I Pull Through?

I turned 16 in February, I got my permit last year around this time, but still cannot master the skill of driving. Well, the driving part is's the parking.

I went to RacketMan today to try out another racket, and finally decided on one. Of course my mom wanted me to drive. Wait, let me explain to you my mother's thoughts on my driving.
Mother: You need to get your license. I can't drive you everywhere, I don't do anything for me anymore. We go here, and then Saturday mornings we go to bowling. I'm sick of "we".
So now I have to drive everywhere, which isn't even that much because I don't go to a lot of places. My mother still finds random places for me to drive to anyway.  So back to what this post was originally about: Parking. We pulled into the Goodwill parking lot (my mother just can't go to one store when we're out) and I see a perfectly fine parking spot about half way down an aisle, one that I could pull through. But NO!!! My mom doesn't want to walk that far in the hot heat, it was pretty hot, so I pull into a parking spot towards the front. I have no problem pulling into a spot, it's the backing out part that I fail at. 

What seems to be an hour later, my mother is finally ready to go. I get in the car, put on my seat belt (safety first) turn on the engine, and put the car in reverse. Now I'm pretty sure that I looked both ways before pulling out, but this black car started blowing his horn at me. I turn around and I'm about 3 inches from hitting the side of his car. You know when people say "he came out of nowhere"? This guy really did.
And I conclude with this question readers; Why can't I just pull through? Is it really going to hurt anyone?

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