Friday, July 29, 2011

Top Google Search #1

Another series that I'm going to be starting for this blog is the "Google Search of the Week" (but that's kind of a long name so I figured I shorten it to Top Google Search, which is just as sweet).  I just recently found out that Google keeps history of your past searches that you can look at and they also have the trends to say when you do your most searches and what you've searched the most.  This will be very and Google are like this *crosses fingers*.  When I come across a problem, big or small, that will bother me till the end of time, I go to Google.  So for this weeks post, this was my biggest search:

"drinking milk with spicy foods"
(Understand I do realize the randomness of this search)

I love spicy foods. Hot wings, cheese, any type of food, tacos, and especially hot sauce.  But when it comes to salsa, I might as well take a shower whilst eating as the tears roll down my face.  Now I'm not talking about salsa as in the Spanish translation of any type of sauce.  I am talking about "Casa Mamacita" salsa with chips.  I'm pretty sure it's the raw taste.  I mean with hot wings, you have chicken to go along with it, but salsa is just...salsa.  So anyway, I still love eating chips and salsa even though I regret it afterword.  So I decided to search what I could drink/eat with salsa in order to counteract the spiciness.  Apparently milk goes well with spicy foods, and after what seemed like hours of finding confirmation websites, I will agree.  
So for anyone who loves a good serving of Kung Pao Chicken but can't take the heat...try a glass of milk and waste your time Google searching something more worthwhile.

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