Sunday, July 31, 2011

"This Friday Night..."

" it all again."  So, back to iHeartRadio I went for another song of the day =]  Which California Gurl sang this song?  Comment below and get an encouraging thumbs up!

Okay, I went to a camp this summer for three weeks.  It was fun, it was a nerd camp, I learned a lot, whatever.  But we had these dances every Friday night and it was awesome.  I hadn't really gone to many dances (honestly I couldn't bring myself to paying $12 for a homecoming dance that doesn't even have refreshments) but these dances were tons of fun.  So I've figured out something.  Unfortunately I still don't think I will pay to go to a dance...however baby steps will be taken.  I have decided to have a flash dance party every Friday night once school gets started.  I mean, I could potentially be a little stressed with all the activities, but a flash party will be awesome.  And I'll be looking forward to it all throughout the week.  Now I will mention that this party is for "me, myself, and I...pod" (Hahaha, just thought of that).  Still, I think these weekly parties will be fun and awesome.  I have a very low standard when it comes to having fun on weekends, though.

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