Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Dumb Moment #1

This sounds like a great post series.  Expect several of these a week...seriously!

So I was watching So You Think You Can Dance and a Wendy's commercial came on. You've probably seen it, this guy writes to Wendy and is like "I'd really like to enjoy a frosty on the beach, but I live in Denver".  Now, with my mind going a million miles per hour all the time, I think to myself, "What, do they not have Wendy's in Denver, Colorado?  And do you really think that the company owners will go all the way down there just to build you one so you can get your precious frosty?"  And then the screen cut to a shot of some workers putting some sand in the middle of the street.  Then my face cuts to a look of complete stupidity.  That rationalizing part of my brain just shut off and was already recharging for tomorrow.  This happens to me during the summer, on weekends, and after 3:00 pm during the week.  I can't waste all my smarts while watching t.v.

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  1. That commercial made me think the same thing, lol By the way, I like what I see on your blog, keep it up


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