Wednesday, July 20, 2011

"I'm like a firecracker..."

"...I make it hot"  Sound like it's from a song? Comment below!!! =]

So yes, I turn on I Heart Radio and this song pops up.  I guess her stuff is okay, but I kind of glad this song came up.  I only recently found out what a firecracker actually is.  Let's say in the suburban part of St. Louis County, fireworks aren't really permitted (as in they are ILLEGAL).

But, my mom has a friend, we call her Auntie Linda (pronounced Aint-eee, like a ghetto person) and she lives in St. Charles County, where fireworks are...less illegal.  So this 4th of July we bought some fireworks, invaded her house and LIT THEM ON FIRE.  And I can now confirm for myself that Brit---I mean, "this artist", was right in saying that firecrackers are hot.  I'll just stick with the sparklers, they're pretty <3  Enjoy this video of a little girl with a big sparkler!

*Update: I've decided to move from having all posts start with song lyrics, to just having a "Post of the Day" containing song lyrics from a song that I heard earlier that day and rants that relate to the topic*

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