Thursday, July 21, 2011

"...And It Was All Yellow"

Okay, so I gave the title away.  The artist is still unknown, unless you know, but how would we know if you know unless you COMMENT below (that rhymed)!

Along with the EOS products I purchased last week, I also got some Starbursts Original from Walgreens (on sale of course).  My main problem with the original flavors of Starbursts is that they do not follow the public's opinion.  Out of the four flavors, cherry, orange, lemon, and strawberry, lemon is obviously the least liked flavor.  Normally, the bags are so disproportionate that the lemon count is unbearable.  I have experienced this plenty of times in the past and decided to document this by opening a fresh bag and tallying the amount of Starbursts of each flavor.  I sorted them and gave them was kind of fun.  

Yes.  I really did.
Unfortunately, my great theory that the factory producers put no consideration into the percentage of each flavor placed into each bag does not hold true for this test subject. But, I still found something that could be improved. In my opinion, the likability for the original flavor of Starbursts is as follows: strawberrycherryorange, and lemon at. the. very. end.  As the data shows, lemon takes up 31% (I had to add some math in order to convince myself I was doing something productive).  But 31%, that's almost 2/3 *fraction alert*.  That's really uncalled for, it's the worst flavor in my opinion.  Even my favorite flavor comes in third with 25%.  In a perfect bag of Starbursts, this would be a great percentage, encouraged actually.  But nothing is perfect =[  However, is it too much to ask the people behind Starbursts to slip a few more of the strawberries and lose a couple of the lemons here and there?  

Do you agree?  Which flavor do you like the most?  I won't judge...but I might smirk.


  1. I agree. Cherry is my favorite flavor even though I would normaly choose a snickers over starburst. && the song is yellow by coldplay. Love that song!

  2. Yeah, me too. I like chocolate more in general. And about the flavor cherry, that's like THE flavor, and it has the least amount. How don't they realize this? Nice job on answering the song artist!!!!


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