Thursday, July 21, 2011

"I Click to MTV..."

" they can teach me how dougie" I know you know the name of this song.  Comment below =]

Alright, so I'm downstairs sitting at the kitchen table waiting for the microwave to go off signaling that my queso dip is ready.  I think to myself "hmm, I think I want to watch t.v. while eating my queso dip" (I actually say this out loud, I talk to myself a lot, I am right now, as I'm writing this blog)

So anyway, I do just like the song says, "I click to MTV" to see what's up.  And what do you know?  It's an episode of True Life that's talking about food allergies.    I then say to myself, "do I really want to watch this, I only have one food allergy, and it's a raw carrot allergy" (scientifically called: oral allergy syndrome (Wikipedia Article) where I'm only allergic to raw carrots).  So anyway, I watch it. And I'm not kidding about this next part, but the guy that they're following is allergic to carrots...and only raw ones!

  can't. breathe. throat. closing.
Ahhh! Much better =]
First of all, why would anyone be interested in watching a documentary about teens with allergies? I have no clue.  But second of all, I can't believe this coincidence.  You know those conversations teachers have right before a class party?

Teacher: Do any of you have food allergies?
Me: I do, I'm allergic to raw carrots.
Teacher: Okay...sure.   And what about cooked carrots? *says in humorous tone*
Me: Oh, those are fine.  I'm only allergic when they are raw.  See there's a substance that cooks out of the carrot when it's being sauteed...*and I continue with the full explanation of my allergy*
Teacher: Alright then.......anyone else?

I'm telling you, don't shut down someone's allergy just because it's absurd...maybe that's why True Life needed an episode about allergies.  Hmm...

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