Sunday, July 31, 2011

I Will Not Cave In!

The world has not yet accepted the left-handed race!  In fact, the government is out to eliminate it all together.  "How?" or "Why?" As a left-handed person myself, I have encountered many examples over the years.  Most recently this morning at the bank where the pen was attached to the desk on the right side of the teller window.  Let's take a gander at them to prove my point (and the fact that I am really serious about this).

Imagine seeing this Frisbee
at Walmart...
Example #1:  School Desks
Now this is one of the most common tactics the government has deployed into our school systems. See, they try and abolish left-handed writing at the age where humans just learn their abc's.  All the arm rests are right-handed.  They figure the student might just switch their pencil over to their right hand to have more support.  But some people (like myself) are up for the challenge and will not cave in to this nonsense.
Example #2: Sports
So now that the government realizes that some lefties slip through their first barrier, they now have the idea to change them outside of the classroom.  "If we can't change their scholastic behavior, then why not their athletics?" they think to themselves. They hire athletic coaches who teach children sports using their right hands.  And even if they do manage to hire a lefty, most likely accidentally, they too start to assume the athlete is right-handed.  It's happened to me many plenty of times before.

Example #3: Everyone Else (with the exception of a few lefties)
If you still haven't been forced out of being left-handed by paid professionals, the rest of the world might just do it for you.  The public just has it accepted that right handed people are the way it has to be.  "Rights are right!" my family always says (I'm the only lefty in my family). Even my mom blames things on my left hand.  "I would let you stir the noodles, but you and your left hand might mess things up."  People hand you pencils and pens as if their is no possibility that you can be a lefty; and you know what? half the time I fall for it.  
But now that I have found out the governments secret plan...
that's the end of that.  

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  1. We lefties shall not be defeated! Stay strong, my friend. Stay strong.


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