Thursday, July 21, 2011

"I Need Another Story..."

"...something to get off my chest"  Know the song and artist? Comment!

So as I was wasting time doing nothing, I decided to listen to Pandora (love Pandora, try it out if you haven't already) and this song came on.  These first lyrics from the song, made me think about my failed attempt to read a book FOR FUN.  *mentioned in Summer To Do List...Didn't, item #3.*

In the previous post I talked about how I am reading a mandatory book for my Honors American Literature class for my junior year of high school.  However, I wanted to do some more reading besides assigned.
And I'm not including, blogs, FaceBook, or even magazines <--- probably the issue in the first place

Current status on summer goal: FAILED!!!
I have two, no three "could be excuses" for why I have failed this goal.

  1. I don't know what to read, and whenever I ask one of my friends for a recommendation for a book...they don't have one.
  2. I owe about $10 in fines at my local library so I can't check anything out for fear that my picture is posted underneath a big WANTED! sign.
  3. I don't like to buy books I will most likely only be reading once.
I would say comment if you've read any good books this summer, but honestly, I don't want to set myself up with another goal...which would most likely be FAILED as well.
But if you have a recommendation, go ahead and comment anyway.  Challenges are good, right?


  1. The song is secrets, by one republic. It's actually one of my favorite songs. "I'm gonna give all my secrets away."

    A really good book to read is Heist Society by Ally carter. It's a pretty easy read. I think you would have to try really hard to not finish it.

  2. Yay!!! I'm happy someone finally responded with an answer. You should be proud yourself =] I love OneRepublic too ("My life gets kind of boring") I can listen to Stop and Stare for ages. Thanks for the book suggestion, I might give it a try!


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