Saturday, July 23, 2011

"Give Me Something to Believe In..."

"...cause I don't believe in you, anymore, anymore"  For the sake of today's topic, I will admit that the song artist is Maroon 5.  But the song title is still up for grabs...anyone?

Maroon 5 was like my obsession with Jessie J this year (check out that post here).  I may have just started obsessing over Jessie J this year, but Maroon 5 took over my life since the end of 5th grade.  What was I doing listening to Adam Levine singing about relationships at the age of 11?  Idk.  But Maroon 5 writes about what's real in life, and that's nice for a change.  All I know is that Adam's voice is amazing both on and off stage.

And since we're talking about Adam and "voices," why not talk about "The Voice" on which Adam was one of the judges/coaches on.  I really didn't watch this show from the get go, but when they got to basically the final four on each team, I began to really get in to it.  Of course I had to support my boy Adam and his team...and I guess it worked since the winner, Javier Colon, had him for a coach.

To sum it all up.  Maroon 5 is legen...wait for it...dary just like Jessie J and "The Voice" definitely had my views all due to Adam Levine, whose voice is pain killers for my ears when I listen to the radio.


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