Saturday, March 24, 2012

Nails From Three Weeks Ago!

Okay, so yet again I have discovered another picture in my queue of some nails I did three weeks ago.

These were both fun and annoying to do. I always like the nail designs that require attention to detail, and these do. The only thing is that my white striper was a little thick and I couldn't get the lines as precise as I wanted them. But I think they turned out pretty well.

Oh and another downside, it was pretty late when I decided to paint my nails, so late that I only had time to paint the right hand with the design and leave the left hand with just the background color. But it made for a cool balance and I was too tied to take it off.

I used Finger Paints-Drawn to this Shade and a white striper.

If you do want to try this design, make sure you have a thin liner and enough time to completely finish it.

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