Sunday, August 7, 2011

Top Google Search #2

This weeks most searched topic on Google might be even more "random" than last weeks (click here to view that one).  Here it is:

"random 3 digit number"

I did successfully find a website to give me a random number ( the first time I looked.  I just happened to repeatedly search these words over and over again this past week.  If you haven't realized by now, I have a tiny obsession with the t.v. show "How I Met Your Mother."  I just started watching it at the beginning of summer and will admit to being addicted.  So addicted that I have seen every episode at least once, if not twice.  This has presented me with a problem.  Watching HIMYM never gets old for me.  Except sometimes I don't know which episodes I want to watch.  Therefore I figured I'd let the "element of surprise" choose my episodes for me.  In the three digit random number, the first number is the season and the last two numbers are the episode number.  So far this has effectively helped me procrastinate my summer reading assignment and ACT/PSAT prep.  But it's Neil Patrick Harris so it's alright.

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  1. Why do you need to search a random number. HIMYM is always on at least two channels, at least where I live. It's awesome, the I don't have to choose a show and I can never saw "There is nothing on T.V." :)


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